A travel to Canada with connections to Ethiopia


A travel to Canada with connections to
 As I am sitting with an American keyboard I continue to write in English. 

Oct 8: This is the day before the journey to
Canada. My wife Margareta has to work all day. I am busy to clean the house and do the last preparations for the Winter outdoor. When Margareta arrives at home at about 6 pm, I have just finished the preparations, Now it is time to start to pack up, call my mother and my uncle to tell them that we are leaving for
Canada early tomorrow morning. Our daughter’s parents in law Eva and Leif call to check the time of start tomorrow morning. They are going to take us to the airport Landvetter outside Gothenburg in
Sweden. We go on with the work to pack up two suitcases and two hand luggage. At 10.30 pm the two suitcases are ready and it is time for weight control. The weight rules for trans Atlantic flight say that each person is permitted to have 2 suitcases of 23 kilos each and a hand luggage of 8 kilos. My suitcase ended up with 25 kilos and Margareta’s was 18.5 kilos. Time to reorganize the luggage. A kilo of Swedish coffee, some sweets and a bottle of Lactascyd were transferred to Margareta’s suitcase. New weight control and now it was ok. The time had already passed 11 pm.
After the last preparations for an early morning start, we set the alarm bell on 3 am and turned in at midnight. 

Oct 9: The alarm bell started to ring at 3 am. A quick phone call to Eva and Leif to be sure that they also were awakens and the morning routines started. Eva and Leif came At 4 am and a quarter of an hour later we headed for the airport. We reached the airport just at 5 am when they opened the gates to check in. This morning everything was working smooth and after a quarter of an hour our luggage were turned in. We had a nice cup of tea with Eva and Leif before they wished us a good journey and we went up to the security control. Here everything worked smooth. Just after 6 am we came in to the international shopping area and bought three Swedish t-shirts for two of our grand children and one for the grand child to be adopted in
Ethiopia. Our mission with this trip was double. First aim was to meet our son Bjorn, his wife Lisa and the 2 grand children in
Canada. The second aim was to take care of the both grand children while Bjorn and Lisa should go to
Ethiopia to fetch their adopted child Tariku.

Our flight with Lufthansa to Frankfurt in
Germany started on time at 7.10 am and landed at 8.55 am according to schedule. In Frankfurt we had 1.5 hours before our plane to
Detroit would leave. That was enough with time to walk from one terminal to the other terminal. Just in front of the gate we met nice men in red coats that checked our passports and tickets before we were permitted to enter the area with the security control. The security control was a pleasure to pass. The persons working there were so friendly, nice and polite but at the same time quite aware of their mission. They were true professionals. After that the check-in procedure was just a routine matter. After some 20 minutes it was time to get on board on the Lufthansa machine that would take us to
Detroit. We took off right on time and after a couple of hours we got a lovely meal. The teriyaki chicken tasted delicious. When the airhostess came and cleaned the table I said with a glimpse in my eye: “Send my compliments to the chef, you can send him an e-mail”. After the dinner we managed to sleep 3 hours and felt rather fresh, when we landed in
Detroit just on time at 1.20 pm local time.

To pass the immigration control and the custom was very smooth today. Usually it could take up to two hours, but today we did it in 40 minutes. We made a phone call to our son Bjorn working in Open Hill. He said he was very busy today and wondered if we could wait a couple of hours until he had finished his job for today. We said ok, as we knew that he has had a day off the day before to travel back home to
La Salle in Canada from Chicago after having run Chicago Marathon last Sunday. He had done Chicago Marathon in 4 hours and 57 minutes despite a heat of 31 degrees Celsius. We looked into a gift store, bought some postcards and a newspaper, where we could read about the economic crisis at Chrysler. After a cup of coffee in the coffee shop our mobile phone rang. Our son was 10 minutes drive from the airport and he asked us to go out to the area for loading and unloading passengers in cars.

After some 20 minutes we came to the Canadian Border. The traffic to
Canada was smooth today. We drove right up to the Boarder Control. In a couple of minutes it was ok and we headed for the school and day-care to pick-up Karsten, the grand child. When we came home to Bjorn and daughter in law Lisa we met Lisa and Jasper. Jasper had been taken ill today, so mummy had been at home with him. Dinner was served, followed by a bath in the hot tub, a fairy tale for the grand children before they went to bed, unpacking of the most delicate clothes and some chat with Bjorn and Lisa. It was time to go to bed, when it was 10 pm. It has been a long day that started 25 hours ago. We were really prepared to say, “Bed, we love you”.

Oct 10: We said good-bye to the whole family in the morning, enjoyed a slow breakfast and finished to unpack our luggage. A checklist of some 30 points was made to be sure to have the right information to take care of the two grandchildren and the house while Bjorn and Lisa would go to Ethiopia in
Africa to pick up an adopted child. In the afternoon we devoted a couple of hors to reeking leaves in the front of the garden. What an amount of leaves. We filled at least six big paper bags. It was a warm day with almost 20 degrees above zero. At night most of the points in the checklist were discussed and the question marks were substituted with correct information and answers.

Oct 11: An early morning. Bye, bye to the family and preparations to have the carpets in the basement washed by moving away as much as possible of furniture and toys. In the afternoon we took a walk with the dog Mikah. The family returned home. A phone call to the adoption bureau had not given any result. They did not know if Bjorn and Lisa could go to
Ethiopia on Saturday night to pick-up Tariku. They would have to call the adoption bureau again on Friday (Oct 12). In the night a friend to Lisa called Lori came over to say hello. She was born in
La Salle, had eleven brothers and sisters and was the person that would know how to solve problems with furnaces, plumbers, electricians etc if they would occur while Lisa and Bjorn went to

Oct 12: Bjorn leaves the grand children at school and daycare. We drive Lisa to her job in downtown
Windsor and use the car to test-drive the way to school, daycare, hockey-arena, sports center, grocery store and a mall. In the evening Margareta and the family go out to do some shopping to prepare Karsten’s third birthday a week from now. They find also a present to give from our daughter Annika’s family. During the day the adoption center had called and said that there was no visa for Tariku yet. The next dispatch of documents from the Canadian General Consulate in
Nairobi would arrive next Thursday, so the only option was to wait for next Thursday and hope for the best.

Oct 13: We reeked some leaves in the morning. At noon we were at the hockey arena to see Jasper and Karsten practice skating. After a lunch at Mac Donalds (the golden arrow) we returned home and the boys went to bed to get their afternoon nap. Lisa went to
Detroit with a friend. Bjorn cleaned the water pipes under the edge of the roof of the house from most of all leaves while Margareta and I assisted him to reak the leaves.

Oct 14: It is Sunday. A wonderful morning with an English breakfast consisting of scrambled egg, bacon and toast. We together with the whole family drove out in the countryside to the Mc Leod farm to pick pumpkins. In the barn at the farm we could see that one of the Mc Leod family was 2007 champion in plowing, when we stopped to pay for 5 pumpkins. 

The journey continued to store selling clothes and shoes. Jasper got a pair of new booths for the Winter season, Margareta found a fleece-jacket for the Autumn season and Lisa and Bjorn found jackets suitable for their travel to
Ethiopia. The lunch was taken in at Wendy’s near by.

Oct 15: The alarm bell started to ring at 6 am. Bjorn and Lisa took off just before 7 am. We took care of the grand children. In due time we went out with Jasper and Karsten. Jasper would go by school bus to school for the first time. The school bus came and picked him up according to schedule. It was a nice and friendly lady that drove the bus. Then we went into the car and drove Karsten to his daycare. We went by car to Pricechopper and the one-dollar-store for some shopping. It was a nice warm day with 20 degrees above zero. When we got home, we had a nice cup of tea on the balcony. There was hundreds of birds in the trees. The noise was considerable, but not disturbing. May be the birds are getting together to go to Point Peele before they start their journey to the South. 

The laundry machine and the dryer were kept busy. In the afternoon we went to the Grocery Store Zehrs to find Swedish crackers and lactose free margarine for baking. Then it was time to take Mikah for a walk and meet Jasper after his first day going by school bus. Jasper came and he had liked the travel with the school bus. Margareta went into the house to prepare dinner and I went to pick up Karsten from daycare. When Karsten and I came home, Lisa and Bjorn had just arrived and the dinner was ready. After the dinner Margareta and Bjorn took Jasper to the music lesson. Lisa and Bjorn had some things to prepare for their travel to
Ethiopia, when the grandchildren had gone to bed.

Oct 16: Jasper was followed to the school bus, Karsten was driven to daycare and thereafter we went to Zehrs groceries to shop some things for baking. The weather was fine with only some small clouds and 19 degrees above zero. After a nice cup of tea on the balcony I started to clean the windows. The windows in the first floor where I had to use a ladder were finished outside just in time to go and pick up Karsten in the afternoon. We have now been here a week and have got used to the routines in the house. We discussed arrangements around Christmas and the Christmas lottery was drawn. Thus it was decided who would give a Christmas present to whom among the participants at Christmas. 

Oct 17: Today is our 36th anniversary of our wedding day. I surprised Margareta by being the first to say congratulations. Bjorn took Karsten to daycare. Lisa needed the car for a meeting in
Essex. We followed Jasper to the schoolbus and took a walk with Mikah. Margareta started to bake cinnamon buns and some small cakes called “horseshoes” in
Sweden. I cleaned the windows in the basement outside and was finished just in time to meet Jasper at the school bus. It was a bright sunny day with 23 degrees above zero. I started to wonder: “wo ist meine lederhosen”, which means where are my shorts. The weather was so marvelous that the Windex almost dried before I had used the scraper. After dinner we went to a hardware store to buy a piece of wood that Bjorn needed to fasten the gate in front of the stairs. To celebrate our wedding anniversary the whole family had an ice cream in a restaurant. I bought a bounce of 10 roses to Margareta, one rose for every decade and one rose for every year after that, as we have been married. We went home to put the grandchildren in bed. Lisa and Bjorn rearranged some things in their readymade luggage. Bjorn had bought an electronic map to the car. He programmed a couple of place, so we easily could drive there. The day was ended with a toast in sparkling wine for our 37 years.

Oct 18: We followed Jasper to the school bus and drove Karsten to daycare. We went downtown to Zehrs to buy a new battery to my alarm clock. The old one had lasted 10 years. The weather was warm with some light showers. In the afternoon the temperature rose up to 22 degrees above zero. Margareta did some sewing and I vacuumed the first floor. Lisa, Margareta and I followed the boys to the sports center for their usual sport activity n Thursdays while Bjorn stayed at home to do some work needed on his job.When the grandchildren had gone to bed, Lisa and Bjorn finished their luggage to be quite ready to go to
Ethiopia if there would a message tomorrow that the visa for Tariku had been finished. At 9 pm it was still 21 degrees above zero. It seemed as there was going to be a tropical night with a temperature above 20.

Oct 19: Bjorn and Lisa made an early departure. We made breakfast for the grandchildren and got them dressed. Jasper was going to have a photographer at school. Lisa had chosen blue pants, a white shirt and a blue pullover for him. We followed Jasper to the school bus and drove Karsten to daycare. Karsten would have his third birthday on Saturday (tomorrow). At daycare his birthday would be celebrated today. Lisa had bought a small package of play do to his classmates. When we had left Karsten we tried to drive according the new navigator. You need to practice to get acquainted to the new equipment, especially if we were to use it to go to the Zoo Boo at Detroit Zoo one week from now. 

At noon Bjorn phoned us and told us that the visa for Tariku was not ready. He was a bit sad. Margareta baked some cookies for Karsten’s birthday and I finished the vacuuming of the house. When all had returned home at about 5 pm we went out to a restaurant called the Applebee. As Karsten was turnig three all the personnel sang for him when his dessert was served. On the way back home some things for Karsten’s birthday party were shopped. Margareta and I finished the day by hanging up some balloons in the kitchen. 

Oct 20: Today is Karsten’s birthday. In the morning he got only 2 presents, as the habit here is to get the presents at the birthday party. At noon Bjorn and I took the grand children to their skating lesson. Now they have both learnt to get up on their skates and started to move forward. We had lunch at Mac Donalds, the boys played a while at the playground there and fell asleep on our way home. Bjorn carried them inside, so they could continue their nap. I reeked leaves in the front side of the garden to have a nice garden when the guests would arrive to the birthday party. The weather was fine with sunshine and 17 degrees above zero. 

Grandmother, grandfather and aunt Carrie arrived at 6 pm. The birthday party was a good one with many presents to Karsten. Aunt Carrie had baked a blue cake according to Karsten’s whish. At 11 pm the guests said good bye and left the party as a couple of them would have to administrate a bingo session in Kitchener/Waterloo 300 kms away at 8.30 am next day. 

Oct 21: Today is Sunday. We had a big breakfast with scrambled egg, ham, vegetables and toast. Bjorn and Margareta went to the sermon in a church and asked about the possibilities to arrange baptizing for Karsten and Tariku sometimes around Christmas, when we would be here again. The clergyman was nice and said that it would be possible.In the afternoon Bjorn, Lisa, Margareta and Jasper were in the garden as it was one of the loveliest days of this year with sun from a blue sky and 25 degrees above zero. This was a true summer day at its best according to the summer in

Oct 22: Bjorn and Lisa left at 7 am. Margareta and I prepared breakfast for the grandchildren, followed Jasper to the school bus and drove Karsten to his daycare. Thereafter we practiced to navigate to Lisas job as the agreement was that I should pick her up in the evening. We started the laundry operation and I used the lawnmower on the front side. Bjorn returned home a little bit earlier today as he had promised Jasper to meet him at the school bus one day this week. I showed Bjorn where the school bus stopped and we met Jasper. I went to daycare and picked up Karsten. After dinner Bjorn took Jasper to his music lesson. The weather this day was fine with sunshine half of the day and a temperature that reached 22 degrees above zero. We have thus enjoyed fine weather for a whole week, but tomorrow the temperature is going to fall down to 14 degrees.  


Oct 23: This morning Bjorn and Lisa had to leave at 6 am. Lisa was going to a conference in
London, Ontario, Canada. Margareta and I prepared breakfast for the grandchildren, followed Jasper to the school bus and took Karsten to his daycare. The laundry operation continued. We drove down to Zehrs to buy some more postcards and stamps. In the afternoon we rested a bit before I met Jasper and picked up Karsten at daycare. We were in touch with Bjorn and Lisa and the dinner would be ready at 6 pm. After the dinner Margareta had ironing to do and I finished the laundry operation. We wrote some more postcards to our friends in
Sweden while Bjorn emptied the memory card of our camera into his computer. A CD will be burnt one of the next days. On Oct 26th there is an Halloween party at the Detroit Zoo called Zoo Boo. The family has only 5 tickets. An additional acquiring of one more ticket was discussed. This is not necessary, as Lisa have to stay at home to do a couple of papers in a course that she is attending. The Autumn is here today. This morning the temperature was only plus 9.5 and it was raining.
There is a powerful high pressure over Californien that create a strong wind from south-west over western Canada and allow cold air from the North to come down and cover
Ontario. The rest of the week is expected to have temperatures of 12-14 degrees.

Oct 24: Bjorn and Lisa left at 7 am. We prepared the grandchildren for the day, followed Jasper to his school bus and drove Karsten to his daycare. We had some more training with the navigator and tried to drive to the mall at
Great Lakes crossing. Now we are getting used to this tool, which is excellent when get used to it. We had a shopping tour there. Margareta bought a nice lilac skirt, a jacket and jeans with art sewing on in a shop called Tabi. The lady there was very nice and said she had a friend called Anita in Hunnebostrand in
Sweden. She recommended us to go and visit
Gallery and café and sent a shot greeting to Anita with us. In another shop called Bianca and Alea Nygard  Margareta found a combination of blouse and jacket with broderies and a blouse. The founder of the shop was a designer of Swedish origin, who had started in
Winnipeg. I said to the lady in the shop that the only thing I know about
Winnipeg is their hockey team Winnipeg Jets as we have had some Swedish hockey players in that team. Even if the temperature was not more than 13 degrees there was some sunshine and a little bit windy.

Oct 25: Bjorn left at 6.30 am. We had breakfast with the grandchildren before Lisa left at 7.45 am. Margareta followed Jasper to his school bus. Jasper had his pyjama in his backpack. They were going to have a pyjama party at school and collect money for common activities such as school travels etc that are not sponsored by the state. We took a calm morning and bath in the hot tub. It was marvelous to enjoy the hot bath with only 6 degrees outside. We got the same feeling as when had a bath in Badgarstein in
Austria with snow outside the pool with water from the warm wells there. Lisa had the car to go and see her doctor to get an extra prescription to be able to bring enough medication, when they are going to
Ethiopia. Lisa passed by to pick us up for a common luncheon. Then we drove Lisa to her job. Margareta cleaned the cupboards in the kitchen as preparation for a treatment with some preserving oil during some of the next days. At the same time she started to bake Swedish rye bread and some cookies called “horseshoes” in Swedish. I used the lawn mower in the backyard in that sunny afternoon. It was a fairly nice weather with 14 degrees.

Margareta met Jasper at the school bus while I picked up Karsten at the daycare. We prepared dinner and went to Sportsmania with the boys. Today was a great day. We were allowed to come in and see what they had been doing during the last month. They warmed up and played first basketball and then soccer. Jasper managed to score in the basketball match and managed to stop a shot in the soccer game. Lisa and Bjorn had been doing some errand downtown and returned home half an hour after us. The boys had a snack and went to bed. Lisa was busy preparing a paper and Bjorn had some things to prepare if there would be a positive message about Tariku’s visa tomorrow. Bjorn gave us a Christmas present in advance. We got a new memory card to our camera with the capability to storage 1GB corresponding to 1084 pictures. 

Oct 26: Bjorn and Lisa left at 7.30 am and drove Karsten to his daycare. Jasper was free from school today as the teachers had a day for their own education. The cleaning firm came at 8 am. They started to clean downstairs while we got in order upstairs. At 9 we drove to Tim Horton’s coffee shop close to the hockey arena. We had coffee and Tim Bits (a sort of do nut balls) and bought a container of chocolate to our daughter Annika. Two police officers had a cup of coffee too. One of them came over to our table and said hello. Jasper got a tattoo sticker for himself and one for Karsten. After the coffee we went to Great Lakes Crossing and the mall there. At the Alden store Margareta and I bought one pair of shoes each for the winter season. We returned home. The cleaning operation was finished and we had luncheon. Bjorn phoned us and said that the visa for Tariku was not ready. Later in the evening we got to know that the people in
Ethiopia had not had time to open the mail. We now hope that there is a visa for Tariku in the mail in
Ethiopia. In that case Bjorn and Lisa will take off for
Ethiopia on Tuesday night next week. Lisa’s parents are then going to take over the relay to take care of our grandchildren.

Jasper and Margareta had a nap in the afternoon. I phoned my mother in Skelleftea in
Sweden. She was ok, but has difficulties to control the new TV-set that I fixed for her just before we left
Sweden. I will probably have to go and see her and solve the TV-problem, some times in November when we have returned to

At 3 pm I woke up Jasper and Margareta and drove to pick up Karsten. Today it was earlier than usual, because we were going to Detroit Zoo to see the Zoo Boo. Lisa and Bjorn arrived 3.45 pm and at 4 pm we were in the car on our way to
Detroit. Today the boarder control at the
US boarder was smooth. We drove up to a place near the Zoo and had a quick dinner at Mac Donalds. Then back in the car again and we parked at the Zoo at 5.30 pm. This was just in time to line up in front of the gates for the 6 pm tour. When the gates opened there were a line of a length of some 200 meters behind us. The Zoo Boo had started. We strolled along a prepared path with pumpkin arrangements, small ghost figures in the trees, colored lights in the trees, arrangements of figures from TV series such as the Addams family, groups of figures of animals etc. There was at least 10 Trick or Treat stations where the children could get some gifts in their Trick or Treat bags that they had got at the entrance. Close to the exit there was a big tent where the Zoo Boo Theatre had a show of some 15 minutes. At 7.30 pm we went to the car and drove home. The children went to bed and the adults had a snack and summed up an interesting day with Zoo Boo. If I had been working with the Zoo in Boras in Sweden, I would have suggested them to consider the possibility to have a Zoo Boo although Halloween is a sensitive question in Sweden as the weekend around November first is the weekend, when we in
Sweden remember and honor our ancestors that has passed away.

Oct 27: Today it is Saturday. We start with a slow morning. The grand children are having a nice time together with their parents. After breakfast Lisa and Bjorn go to shop some groceries while Margareta and I open the Halloween kit that each of the grandchildren has got from their aunt Carrie. The kit consists of a lamp and a paper with 12 capsules. The capsules are swelling foam and in some minutes they develop in hot water. We make six figures for each grandchild and Margareta fix them on a string of sewing thread. Warning: These capsules could be very dangerous if the children put them in the mouth. 

At 11.30 am it is time to leave for the skating lesson in the hockey arena. The grandchildren have improved their abilities on the ice. They have no longer any problems to get up from the ice. When we come home we have luncheon and the grandchildren go to bed for a nap. Lisa and Margareta follow the good example. Bjorn goes for a running session. I control the oven and when the squash and the potatoes for the dinner later are ready I take a look in the newspaper and have a nap too. After our naps we have dinner with steak from the grill. The grandchildren play for a while and go to bed. Lisa talk with her parents and discuss how the relay of the care taking of the children could be arranged if they get a green light to go to Ethiopia on Tuesday and Margareta and I leave next Thursday as our tickets are fixed and the reservation could not be changed. Lisa and Bjorn make a weight control of their luggage for
Ethiopia and make some adjustments.

Oct 28: We get up at dawn at about 7 am. It is a bright morning with frost on the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood. Last night we brought in the pumpkins so they could warm up. Now it is time to do the pumpkin carving. Lisa carves the pumpkins for Jasper and Karsten. She is very keen on doing that. Bjorn carves out a hauling wolf on the family pumpkin. Margareta and I do it for the first time and carve a happy face. This activity takes a couple of hours. We go out to a playground alongsideDetroit
River. It is a nice day with sunshine, 12 degrees and a cold wind from the North. When we have got a couple of photos of Lisa, Bjorn, Jasper and Karsten that could be used as Christmas cards we have dinner at a restaurant in
Windsor. The grandchildren fall asleep on our way home and Bjorn carry them in to their bed so they can continue their nap.

Bjorn and I go out to the garage to take away most of the children’s toys used during the summer season. We sweep the garage and prepare it to be able to drive in with both of the cars. This preparation for the winter is finished with the change to winter tires on Bjorn’s car. According to the weather forecast there is a warning for frost in the mornings. Lisa’s colleage Miss Lori join us for dinner as she is going to help Lisa’s parents to take care of the children for a couple of days, when they need to leave
La Salle to attend to a legal matter in Kitchener where they live.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day. Have the Canadian Consulate in
Ethiopia had time to open the mail? What was in it? Did it contain the visa for Tarieku?

Oct 29: A nice morning with frost. Lisa and Bjorn left at 7 am. We followed Jasper to the bus and drove Karsten to daycare and returned home to do the beds, start the laundry operation and have a cup of coffee. Bjorn had said that he would call the adoption agency just before 9 am. Just after 10 am Lisa called and said: “We are going to
Ethiopia on Tuesday night”. We promised to help them to have all their laundry fixed and went to the mall with Sears. There we bought a Christmas gift card at the bookstore Chapter that Margareta is going to use as one of her Christmas gifts. At Zellers we found a gift for Oskar, a Christmas gift for him and some small cars for Jasper, Karsten and Tarieku to play with on his way home to
Canada. Margareta found a couple of gifts for my birthday and Father’s day in
Sweden in the beginning of November. Thereafter we went to the grocery store Zehrs to make a couple of completion of our supplies at home.

I picked up Lisa at her job and we both picked up Karsten at daycare. The dinner was served at 6 pm. Bjorn was working late to be able to finish his job before the travel to
Ethiopia. He arrived home at about 7.30 pm. I looked fr the electrical standard in
Ethiopia and printed out the shape of the plugs D, J and L, so Lisa and Bjorn could be able to buy an appropriate adapter. The standard is 220 V and 50 HZ. Margareta had some ironing to do and thereafter we cleaned the floor from Lego and cars that the grandchildren had been playing with.

The weather started with a cold morning, bright sky and sun. In the middle of the day it was some 14 degrees and a rather comfortable weather if you had the right clothes on. 

Oct 30: This is the D-day as in departure for
Ethiopia. At 7 am the family was up. Lisa and Bjorn followed Jasper to the school bus, drove Karsten to his daycare and went for some last minute shopping such as an electrical adapter. Margareta and I treated the cupboards with oil to make a deep clean, prevent the wood from drying out and make the surface look fresh. Lisa and Bjorn came home and continued the preparations for their journey. Margareta booked an air porter for our journey to the airport in
Detroit on November 1st. At noon FedEx delivered the tickets for Bjorn and Lisa. The joy and the relief were great. Now they were almost on their way to
Ethiopia. At lunchtime we went to the Applebee to celebrate my coming birthday in the beginning of November. After the well tasting luncheon Bjorn and Lisa went home to continue their preparations for the journey. Margareta and I went for some small shopping at the one-dollar shop at Canadian Tires and made a test drive with the navigator to the railway station. Tomorrow afternoon Lisa’s mother will arrive by train to take care of our grandchildren, when we leave on November 1st. We met Jasper at the school bus. They had been out to a farm, got a ride on a tractor wagon. He had a small pumpkin in his backpack.

Bjorn carved out a bath in his pumpkin, while he burned a CD with our pictures and their pictures from the summer season. Dinner was served for the children and they got their pajamas on. Mikah barked and I took her for a short walk. Miss Lori arrived at 8 pm to drive Lisa and Bjorn to the airport in
Detroit. The grandchildren waved good-bye to their parents and after a snack in front of a TV-program for kids they went to bed.

We sent an e-mail to our daughter’s father in law Leif and confirmed our arrival in Sweden at theairport of
Gothenburg on November 2nd at 10.10 am. Miss Lori came back with the car a quarter to ten. The journey to the airport had functioned very well. Lisa and Bjorn were scheduled to take off at 11.55 pm for London in England and should after 2.5 hours take off for Addis Abbeba, the capital of Ethiopia with a fuel stop in Amman, the capital of
Jordan. At last we had a take off for
Ethiopia. It had been a great day with sun from a blue sky and 18 degrees in the afternoon.

Oct 31: Karsten woke up at 4.30 am as he needed to go to the bathroom. He fell asleep again. I took down these notes and woke up Margareta at 7 am. We had breakfast with the grandchildren, followed Jasper to his school bus, drove Karsten to daycare and did some shopping at the grocery store. After a nice cup of coffee we started to pack up our luggage. We were finished just in time to go and pick up Karsten. Margareta stayed at home to prepare the dinner and meet Jasper. I drove and picked up Karsten and continued to the railway station in
Windsor to meet nana Carol Ann.

After dinner it was time to dress the grandchildren in their dresses for Halloween. Today is the great Halloween day. Jasper had chosen a dress called the fluffy dog and Karsten had a bath. We put all our carved out pumpkins on a table at the entrance and lit candles in them. The dusk had started. Margareta, Carol Ann and the grandchildren walked away on their Halloween tour to ring the bell at the entrance of the houses along the street and the grand children would ask: “Trick or treat” and hold forward their trick or treat bags. Then they would get some candy or a small bag o chips in their trick or treat bags. I stayed at home and met the visitors saying trick or treat. The grandchildren had got a Viking-helmet from their cousin in
Kitchener and had it on as a Halloween dress. Some of the children looked at bit confused when I opened the door and delivered their treat. By the way Halloween is great day in
Canada. The cashier at the grocery store had a Halloween make up of a mouse, when we were there.

After about an hour Margareta and the Carol Ann came back with the grand children. Now it was my turn to make a Halloween-walk with the grandchildren. We walked down to the end of the street where all the neighbors had set up a table and chairs in the street and lit a fire in a mobile fire place. They sat in a row of chairs to distribute treats. The grandchildren, s best friend William accompanied us. He had a Spiderman costume on. We returned home and Tim, Williams’s father, admired our pumpkins and especially the one with the hauling wolf that Bjorn had carved out with the precision of an engineer. I took the dog for a walk around the block. It was a nice warm evening after a day with sunshine and some 18 degrees. There were people everywhere sitting at the entrance of their garages ready to distribute treat. Many people strolled around with their families on their Halloween-walk. People were friendly and asked the name of the dog, when Mikah stopped to take in the different scents of this magic evening. After this walk with the dog it was time to close the shop. While the grandchildren went to bed, I turned out the light in the pumpkins and put them in trash bags. The Halloween party was over. We sat down with Carol Ann for a chat to pass over to her the information that she would need to rule the business at the house of Lisa and Bjorn. Her husband Dave would probably arrive on Friday to help her with the grandchildren and especially with the skating lesson on Saturday. 

Nov 1: I woke up at 6.30 am with Mikah laying at my feet. As I am a good sleeper, I had not noticed when Jasper woke up at 3 and came over to Margareta. He had climbed up into or bed, but after a while he had said that it was too warm and went back to his room. Mikah barked a couple of times. I knew that she was hungry and went up to feed her. Karsten had woken up and went down to nana. We had all breakfast with the children and soon it was time to get them dressed and follow Jasper to his school bus.  

Just in the middle of this procedure Bjorn called from
Ethiopia. Their journey had been a fine one and they had got a good hotel near the airport, which could be an advantage, as they were scheduled to start their journey back to Canada on Nov. 8 th at 4.15 am. They had just met Tarieku for the first time and he has had his afternoon nap in the arms of Lisa. We got his phone number before the ordered calls of three minutes duration was finished.

Margareta and Carol Ann drove Karsten to daycare. An e-mail arrived with the first pictures of Lisa, Bjorn and Tarieku. Carol Ann was so excited that I had to drag away Margareta to be able to finish our luggage. After a nice cup of coffee the limo arrived at 11 am. We said good bye and good luck to Carol Ann. The boarder control was smooth this day. It took us only 5 minutes to get through. We were ahead of the time schedule. The driver was a gentleman of our own age. He was retired some ten years ago and was in the middle of his second career as a limo driver. He took us for a sightseeing tour through the area of
Detroit where the riots of 1967 had taken place. In daytime it is a safe area if you know the streets and use the big streets. At night time you ought not to be there at all. It was interesting to get the favor of this sightseeing. He told us to avoid the East side and the West side of the town at least at night time. We reached the air port and said thank you for an interesting sight seeing.

The rush hours at the air port were gone. We checked in without having to stand in line. After a luncheon and some waiting we entered United Airlines Express to
Washington on time. The flight to
Washington took 1.5 hours. We took a look at the shops and found a couple of gifts to our house caring neighbors at the Smithsonian shop. At 6.20 pm our flight to Copenhagen in
Denmark took off on time. On the aircraft we met four Swedish people that had had vacation in the
US. They had been diving some 1000 kms and visited among others both Florida and Graceland, the home of Elvis, in Atlanta in
Georgia. It was a good flight with good food and good entertainment. Margareta went asleep while I looked at the movie with Bruce “die hard” Willis called “Live or die”. At 6.43 am on November 2nd we landed in Copenhagen some 40 minutes ahead of the schedule as there had been strong winds blowing eastwards over the Atlantic Ocean.

Copenhagen we had to wait a couple of hours before another of the SAS aircrafts took us to Gothenburg. There our daughter Annika, her son Oskar and her parents in law Eva and Leif met us at the air port. Eva and Leif drove us home. They knew that we had no fresh food at home, so they had brought a “smorgastarta”, a cake consisting of bread, mayonnaise, ham, salmon, shrimps and vegetables. We appreciated it very much and had a very nice luncheon with them. We sent an e-mail to Carol Ann to confirm that our journey back to
Sweden had been completed without any problems. After only a sleep of less than 3 hours during the last 24 hours, we were rather tired and went to bed for 3 hours.

Later in the evening we phoned to Carol Ann to say thank you for the time we met. She was doing well with the grandchildren and her husband Dave had just arrived. The situation in the house of Lisa and Bjorn was in control. We looked at the Swedish TV-program Dobidoo, which is a light program with a light competition in music memory between two teams with two persons in each team, lead by Mr. Lars Kroner. Bjorn had sent an e-mail with pictures of Tarieku to his aunts, uncles and cousins in Sweden and
Germany to announce that his family had got a new family member. During the next days the family would take a look at
Addis Ababa.

Part one of the mission was completed. 

Nov 3: We slept until midday and did some jobs in the garden. In the evening we tried to call Bjorn and Lisa in
Ethiopia, but they were not in their room. We sent them an e-mail and asked when we could phone them.

Nov 4: We got an e-mail from Bjorn and Lisa. They had been on an Ethiopian night with Ethiopian culture. Everything was fine. Tarieku was sleeping all night and had learnt to say mum, dad, book and car. We forwarded the news to Carol Ann and Dave in
Canada. In the evening we called Bjorn and Lisa. They had been out on sight seeing tour in the countryside. A waiter at the hotel and his girl friend had been guides together with a driver. Tomorrow they will go out to the village where Tarieku was born. This trip is arranged by the adoption center in
Addis Ababa.

Nov 5: Lisa, Bjorn and Tareiku visited the village where he was born and took some photos from his birth place. It was a nice and necessary journey to see and get some photographic documents from there. 

Nov 6: Lisa , Bjorn and Tareiku did some shopping. 

Nov 7: The day was devoted to prepare for the journey back home to
Canada. The luggage was packed up and Tareiku went to bed at about 7 pm. We phoned them at 8 pm and the whole family was ready to go to bed. They would have to get up at 1 am to be at the airport at 2 am and take off at 4.15 am on Nov 8 th. We also relayed the latest news from
Ethiopia to Lisa’s mother Carol Ann via mail. Carol Ann had earlier this day sent us a report about that she and the boys were doing well in
La Salle. 

Nov 8: The travel from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Toronto in
Canada was made by Lisa, Bjorn and Tareiku. The immigration control was smooth, when they landed in Totonto at 7 pm local time after of travel of 24 hours. Grandpa Dave met them at the airport and drove them tom the home of Lisa’s sister Carrie in
Kitchener. A very long day had come to an end.

Nov 9: Margareta and I called Carrie’s hose in Kitchener in
Canada and got the message that everything was ok. It was about 2 pm in
Kitchener and 4 boys were asleep (Bjorn, Jasper, Karsten and Tareiku). This afternoon nap was very well deserved.

Nov 10: Lisa and Bjorn were invited as vip-guests to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CISV(Children’s International Summer Villages) in
Canada as Lisa had been a member of the national board and Bjorn had been the chairman of the Kitchener Branch. The attended this very special event. The funny thing about it is that Bjorn’s mother Margareta had attended to a CISV summer village 50 years ago. What a coincidence.

Nov 11: Lisa, Bjorn, Jasper, Karsten and Tareiku went home toLa Salle. Tareiku had reached his final destination as an adopted child to Lisa and Bjorn. 

Part two of the mission was completed. The baptizing of Karsten and Tareiku was set to occur on December 23rd, when we would be back inLa Salle again. 

This is a story of a travel to Canada with connections to Ethiopia in
Africa told as Bjorn’s father Kurt has seen it out of his point of view based on what could happen in the real world. Read it and enjoy it, experience the waiting for the visa of Tareiku and feel the joy when the positive message came and the long journey to Africa could start despite all the obstacles and complications as Bjorn’s mother and father had a fixed date, when they had to return to Sweden in
Europe. See how Lisa’s parents and Miss Lori did all they could to cover up, when Bjorn’s mother and father had to leave, while the African operation was still going on. This is a drama taken out of the real life in
La Salle in

Skrivet lördag 27 september, 2008, av Kurt Hansson

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